Our Sustainability, Biodiversity and Green Commitment

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi


Donna Bayliss has always been a staunch supporter of sustainability, biodiversity and being green. Through her inspiration and vision, we at Bayliss Ranch continue to reach out to heal the Earth. These are just a few of the things we practice:

  • Drought tolerant plants were planted to conserve water - up to 90% has been saved
  • Native habitat is respected and maintained
  • Beehives producing lavender honey and assisting in natural pollination of surrounding crops
  • Maximizing people power (sustaining families) vs. machines that impact the land
  • Weeds are fed to livestock
  • Original rice silos headhouse has had "three lives"; second as our first distillery building; and finally our "wedding chapel" on the ranch
  • By-products left from distilling plant material are used for natural weed control
  • Bulk containers are recycled for livestock and horticulture use
  • Boxes and packing materials are always recycled
  • Old building materials are recycled and made into furniture and fixtures
  • Solar and green lighting only
  • Rice straw bales, wherever applicable, are used to make walls and insulation at the ranch
  • Black top was removedfrom the ranch allowing the earth to breathe

Protecting our Precious Wildlife & Flora

"Learn from the birds what food the thickets yield; Learn from the beasts the physic of the field; The arts of building from the bee receive; Learn of the mole to plow, the worm to weave."
- Alexander Pope


At Bayliss Ranch, we believe that maintaining a symbiotic relationship with nature is another key to helping the Earth heal. The balance of animal life and flora is fundamentally essential to the overall health and well-being of our world. There are those who forget that nature has taught us many important things and there is still much to learn. Our quest is to continue to educate and practice sustainability and bio-diversity, so many more will choose to protect and cherish what we have inherited from Mother Nature.


  • To CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora), to uphold their international treaty to prevent exploitation of animals and plants that could drive them to extinction.
  • To maintain the bioecology of our farm and preserve the symbiotic interrelations of animals, native plants and crops.
  • To respect and protect the natural habitats of all living creatures residing in the farmland at Bayliss Ranch.
  • To create a protective environment for bees.
  • To continue to practice sustainability and bio-diversity